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Birthready offers engaging, informative and live changing workshops that are evidence informed and reflect peoples lived experiences.  Private sessions also available.

Practice makes permanent and knowledge is power.  Self development strengthens your capacity for challenge, change and celebration. Explore, learn, practice and integrate your birth and parenting preparation and be birth and life ready!

Group Workshops

Beer & Bubs

This is one of a kind – birth education for men at the pub.  Find out what you might experience being at the birth of your baby. Learn how to give good birth support.  Meet other expecting dads, listen to a guest dad share this birth story and enjoy a pub meal with your mates.

Active birth preparation

Birth consciously and shift from pain to power with pleasure.  Practice active and open birthing positions, massage and relaxation techniques, breath exercises, mindfulness and partner support strategies, through all the stages of labour. This hands on session helps you understand how to optimise normal physiological birth an work well with it.  Materials provided. 

Active parenting preparation

Learn the fundamentals of baby care and parenthood.  Learn how to meet your babys needs with breastfeeding, sleep, settling and communication.  Focus on how you may nagivage shifts of identity, lifestyle, work load, energy, expectations and expanding love for healthy team work as parents.  

Sharing stories of parenthood

Birthready helps facitliate an evening of open discussion and peer learning and support for expectant and new parents.

Birthready Dads

Dig deeper into your birth and parenting preparation.  Talk to other dads about ways to boost your confidence and trust in your birth support and parenting instincts. Explore what to do if your partner is not coping. Prepare to witness your partner in labour and how to manage your emotions. Get specific about what you and your partner want from your birth experience.  Learn more ways to support a positive and healthy outcome for  all.


Consent Lab

Bring fun, respect and skilled support as you learn about the power of making embodied choices, the science of feeling safe and feeling more pleasure.  Get better at asking for what you want, saying No when it matters,  negotiating well when engaging with another person and respecting your limits and boundaries.  Relevent in the birthroom, the bedroom and the boardroom.  


Birthready offer ‘Group Workshop’ topics in private setting. If you wish to discuss arranging a private consultation / workshop which is focused on the curriculum covered in group workshops, please contact Erika today.

Private Sessions

Doula/labour support

Have a skilled woman by your side in labour for pain relief, advocacy, partner support, informed choices, support and guidance (private sessions).

Life coaching and counselling

 Explore how you want your feelings, thoughts, behaviours and beliefs to serve you. Process your challenges and boost your emotional intelligence. Set goals alongside nurturing acceptance and curiosity about what is present in the moment. Be more confident and able to navigate the challenges, changes and choices you may be facing.

Mindful birthing program

Weave hypnosis theory and practice into your birth preparation to optimise the natural birth process (private sessions)

Active birth and parenting preparation

Get up and active as you learn about how to optimise normal physiological birth,  know your birth options and make empowered decisions. Learn the ins and outs of caring for your baby and adjusting to life as a parent.  A wealth of resources and tools are provided to support your learning.

Love, sex and birth – healthy relationships

Strengthen your partner relationship by exploring your connection, communication and intimacy needs. Plan ahead for life with your baby, talk about expectations and assuptions, prepare to deal well with conflict and shine light where you want your relationship to grow.   

Don’t know where to start?

Call Erika today on 0407 685 933

Erika had a real influence on my relationship with my partner during the pregnancy and in the labour. I felt like I knew what I could do to help and I had a place in the whole process. I felt like I could more confidently offer my love and practical support, be better informed and know our birthing options. It really helped both of us to schedule time during the pregnancy to think about it, talk about and respond in every day life. Because without that, our busyness would have got away from us.


Dear Erika, On the 18th of April Darren and I welcomed our beautiful healthy baby boy into the world. Labour was very long but I ended up having a uncomplicated natural birth with minimal tearing and I believe that the skills we learned at the workshop most definitely assisted with this. While at times I doubted myself and found myself overwhelmed with the pain we managed to use some of the techniques we learned, and more importantly I was able to trust my body and its ability to birth my baby. Darren was also an amazing support throughout the whole process. He had gained invaluable skills from the workshop to support me in the best possible way. We were left with a sense of accomplishment and pride and joy. I just wanted to thank you for passing on your knowledge, wisdom and encouragement with great warmth and enthusiasm during those two days – invaluable and I am so grateful we signed up.
Karin and Darren

Hear Erika share her wisdom on mindful birthing.


Sexylove Project Podcast with Caitlyn Cook

Feat. Erika Munton

What comes to mind when you think of birth? Is it possible to have great birth experiences? How?! With birth educator, doula, life coach and counsellor Erika Munton we explore cultural stories and myths about birthing, talk about what supports great birthing experiences in a practical and grounded way, hear realistic expectations for birth and find out about things like ecstatic birth. And as relationships and birthing experiences can take all shapes and colours, this episode is gender-inclusive and supportive to people who have all kinds of birth experiences.

Skills for birth and life

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