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Love, sex and communication with your partner

Purposeful relating – Getting the love you want and giving your best.

Most couples feel that the time and energy they once had to nurture meaningful connection with each other is strained when transitioning into life as parents.

Now you live with new responsibilities, new lifestyle, new workload and a new identity can change how you feel within yourself and with your partner.

With new love for your baby, what matters can feel different.  Priorities change and the ability to manage conflict and problem solve can be harder.

This is all normal.  Everyone feels the good and the tough times with being a parent AND it’s an incredible opportunity for personal growth.  Your attention to work on strengthening your intimate partner relationship will be one that will make your days easiers, more joyful, more pleasurable and fulfilling.  You are modeling the world to your baby, let’s make it the healthiest one it can be.


Thanks so much for our coaching session last night. We had SO many meaningful take aways and we look forward to evolving together in our relationship as a couple, a family and individually. See you again in the coming months.
Sarah and Rob

Together we explore how to:

• Increase your self awareness, self care and self love
• Improve your communication skills for respectful relating and honest sharing
• Express your needs, desires and limits consensually
• Understand each other’s love languages and how to give and receive that love
• Learn easy, practical and fun ways to boost loving sexy connection and intimacy
• Improve health and wellness in both body and your mind for pleasure, joy and peace
• Work through conflict and stuckness you may have in relationships
• Create safety, security and ongoing support in relationships

Having know Erika for many years as a colleague and as my Doula, there was no hesitation in asking her to assist my husband and I with some relationship coaching. Erika’s warmth and understanding created a place within our own home where we could be vulnerable and also reconnect with each other emotionally and physically. Thanks Erika for you nurturing guidance and relationship tune up. XX
Nicole McAuliffe

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