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Birthready Dads

Equipping expectant dads with the knowledge, practical skills and care to confidently support their partners during pregnancy and birth.

The active engagement of fathers in maternity care is associated with long-term health & social benefits for the mother baby & family.

Steen et al., 2011

Did you know that:

  • 95% of dads in the west are now attending the birth of their baby.
  • Most men feel unsure about how to help their partner in labour effectively
  • 1 in 10 dads are experiencing PND (Post natal depression).
  • During labour men experience huge emotions ranging from ecstasy to agony.
  • Men can feel empowered or traumatised depending on how engaged, supported and educated they are during pregnancy and birth.

We believe that empowered men have the potential to change the current landscape of birthing practices in Australia and support women centred maternity care.  Families thrive when expectant fathers / other parent / carer is engaged as a primary part of the maternity care experience.  When the other parent has support, knowledge and practice to prepare for a positive birth and transition into life as parents, we have healthier outcomes for everyone.

We want all dads to feel more confident, knowledgable and able to:

  • Provide meaningful emotional, practical and physical support to their partner now, during labour and as a parent
  • Understand how they can help optimise normal physiological childbirth
  • Communicate effectively to advocate for their partner and family
  • Care for their family and themselves.
  • Bond and feel love grow with their baby, partner and family unit.


This workshop is all about the men or other parent. Their experiences, their feelings, their preparation, their wisdom.  It’s interactive, engaging, inspiring. It’s a life changer!

The 4 key aims are to:

  1. Foster confidence in men and help them trust their natural parenting instincts
  2. Provide education and practical skills for pregnancy and birth support
  3. Create advocates for woman centred care
  4. Nurture and enable healthy relationships

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Dozens of studies about men and childbirth confirm that birth education for men is undeniably needed.

In order to maintain and strengthen childbirth as a mutually shared experience for the couple, the father needs to be recognised and supported as a parent to be.

The needs of prospective fathers should be given more recognition during childbirth.

Ledenfors, 2016

Having a baby is 1 of life’s major events. The attendance of prospective fathers during childbirth is taken for granted and they are expected to support the woman giving birth, which means being at her side.

Premberg, 2011

Pregnancy and childbirth engender physical, social, emotional, and psychological changes for expectant fathers.

Steen et al, 2011

Studies about father’s involvement are increasing but studies about the needs of fathers during childbirth, however, are scarce.

Eggermont et al, 2016

In 2015 the world health organisation declared that engaging fathers is a priority for all maternal health services around the world.

Rominov, et al 2016

Studies have shown that fathers experience labour as a positive but demanding event and they express that information for prospective fathers is lacking.

Ledenfors, 2016

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