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Pregnancy Support

Education, Support and Guidance

With all the emotions, changes and choices you may be experiencing, I am here for you! This is one of the biggest life transitions people take and I can reassure you, that your time and energy invested now will be well worth your effort.

With trusted support you can more corageously face your fears, focus your thoughts, get to know your body better, speak up for yourself, strengthen relationships and feel your confidence rise.  

Your step by step guide

Start from the top or choose what is most important to you now.  

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Life coaching and counselling

Explore how you want your feelings, thoughts, behaviours and beliefs to serve you. Process your challenges and boost your emotional intelligence. Set goals alongside nurturing acceptance and curiosity about what is present in the moment. Be more confident and able to navigate the challenges, changes and choices you may be facing.

The Consent Lab

Explore the foundations of making an empowered decision – in the birth room and the bedroom! Feel more safe, skilled and responsible as you learn & practice: giving & receive touch, communicating effectively, exploring your desires, setting limits & boundaries as you engage with others.

Birthing after Caesarean

Have the support to explore your VBAC questions, debrief your past birth/s, get the facts about VBAC benefits and risk, and start to create your birth plan. Complement this workshop by attending the Birth skills session to practice comfort/pain relief techniques to better manage labour.

Know your birth options and plan ahead

Explore your maternity care options and  how they may influence birth outcomes.  Learn effective communication tools to make empowered decisions. Create your birth plan and explore your desires for the unique way you wish to be supported.

Mindful birthing with Hypnosis

Use the theory and practice of Mindfulness, Calmbirth and Hypnosis for your birth preparation. Experience deep relaxation at each session. Deepen your mind/body skills to more quickly and easily feel safer, in control and focused on what you want to achieve. Using solution focused, positive psychology, NLP, hypnotherapy and parts therapy as processes to create positive change. Reframe fears and difficult emotions and feel more calm, capable and confident.
(3 x 1.5 hr sessions – 5 guided meditations & workbook)

Active birth and parenting preparation

Increase your ability to birth consciously, actively and grow personally from the experience. Materials provided.
* Session 1: Understand the amazing design of birth and how you and your partner can work with it to achieve a safer, more satisfying and positive birth experience. Hands on practices.
* Session 2: Learn the fundamentals of baby care, explore how to nurture a healthy partner relationship and how to prepare yourself for the changes parenting brings.

Birth skills

It’s time for your labour rehearsal! For comfort, focus, pain relief and partner support strategies, this hands on session helps you understand how your mind and body work together to allow birth to progress at its best. We cover basic birth anatomy and then practice active birthing positions, optimal foetal positioning, massage and relaxation techniques, breath exercises and partner support strategies, through all the stages of labour.

Peer learning and support circle

This is a facilitated process that uses group discussion, Q+A’s, hands-on practices and education to explore how we can be happier, healthier, wiser and resourceful humans during the pregnancy to early parenting time. Group direction is adaptable to the needs of the group whilst achieving its core purpose of connection, communication, care and learning.

Birth debrief

Have emotional support to share and process your birth story. Draw upon your learnings for your personal growth and explore positive ways to integrate this into your life.

Creating your best transition into life as a parent.