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Support, skills, education and guidance

With all the emotions, changes and choices you may be experiencing, I am here for you! Mum’s and dad’s, this is one of the biggest life transitions your’ll take.  I can reassure you, that your time and energy invested now will be well worth your effort.

Together we help face your fears and strengthen relationships, explore your birth options and how to best express yourself, prepare for birth and parenting with your mind and body and feel your confidence rise.

Your step by step guide

Choose what is most important to you now and give me a call.

Counselling and coaching

Explore what holds you back from feeling more loved, understood and proactive in your body, mind and relationships. Mental health, emotional distress and relationship conflicts are common problems, but you don’t have to face them alone. In a safe and collaborative therapeutic space, we process your challenges and boost your emotional resilience.  Set value-driven goals alongside nurturing acceptance and curiosity. Together, we explore ways to strengthen your inner resourcefulness, feel at peace and deepen the bonds of your interpersonal relationships. Become more confident, clarify what matters to you and navigate the challenges, changes and choices you face. Therapy is trauma-informed

Know your birth options and make a plan

Explore your maternity care options and  how they may influence birth outcomes.  Learn effective communication tools to make empowered decisions. Understand the value of a birth plan and create yours.  Explore the deper questions of how you want to be supported.

Mindful birthing program

Use the theory and practice of mindfulness, embodiment coaching, meditation, calm birthing and hypnosis for your birth preparation. Deepen your mind/body skills to more quickly and easily feel safer, in control, calm and focused on what you want to acheive.  Reframe fears and difficult emotions.  Guidebook, audio tracks and personal coaching included.

Active birth preparation

Birth consciously and shift from pain to power with pleasure.  Practice active and open birthing positions, massage and relaxation techniques, breath exercises, mindfulness and partner support strategies, through all the stages of labour. This hands on session helps you understand how to optimise normal physiological birth an work well with it.  Materials provided.

Parenting preparation

Learn the fundamentals of baby care and parenthood.  Learn how to meet your babys needs with breastfeeding, sleep, settling and communication.  Focus on how you may nagivage shifts of identity, lifestyle, work load, energy, expectations and expanding love for healthy team work as parents.  

Love, sex and intimacy – healthy relationships

Strengthen your personal and partner relationship by exploring your connection, communication and intimacy needs and desires. Plan ahead for being your best team for birth and life with your baby. Talk about expectations and assuptions. Prepare to manage conflict well and talk through the changes in lifestyle and identity you will face.  Together we shine a light on where you want your relationship to grow and help it to thrive.  

Birthing after caesarean

Have the support to explore your VBAC questions, debrief your past birth/s, get the facts about VBAC benefits and risk, and start to create your birth plan. Complement this workshop by attending the Birth skills session to practice comfort/pain relief techniques to better manage labour.

Doula support

I help bridge the gap between the natural birth process, today’s model of care and what you want. Choosing your own doula gives you the continuity of care that is lacking so you can plan, prepare and experience this time of your life in a more joyful, safe and empowering way.

Hear Erika share her wisdom on mindful birthing.


Sexylove Project Podcast with Caitlyn Cook

Feat. Erika Munton

What comes to mind when you think of birth? Is it possible to have great birth experiences? How?! With birth educator, doula, life coach and counsellor Erika Munton we explore cultural stories and myths about birthing, talk about what supports great birthing experiences in a practical and grounded way, hear realistic expectations for birth and find out about things like ecstatic birth. And as relationships and birthing experiences can take all shapes and colours, this episode is gender-inclusive and supportive to people who have all kinds of birth experiences.