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Doula support for confident and informed birthing and beyond

Erika helps bridge the gap between the natural birth process, todays model of care and what you want. I provide support, guidance, education and advocacy for you and your birth team. I am by your side through labour and birth, mindfully offering hands on support with wisdom, skill and respect.

Choosing your own doula helps you plan, prepare and experience this time of your life in a joyful and empowering way.

Together we can work to:

Boost confidence and skills to enhance your natural birthing ability

Increase your awareness of the culture around birth and parenting.

Know your heath care options and make informed choices

Prepare you and your partner for an empowering birth experience

Feel resourced and ready for the ongoing journey of life as parents

These are all common reasons, among others, that have people seek doula support.

  • If you or your partner are worried about the pain of giving birth.
  • If your partner wants more confidence to provide good comfort and support in labour.
  • If you are you unsure of how to go about making an informed choice about your health care especially during labour.
  • If you want a natural birth but feel unsure if you have the right support to make it happen.

I support your right to make informed choices regarding where, how and with whom you give birth. My desire is to see you and your family confident in yourselves, to grow in life skills and to experience, not only the birth, but the day-to-day life as a parent, with love, health, support and satisfaction.

I have a birthready doula back up team to step in if further support is needed.

Erika had a real influence on my relationship with my partner during the pregnancy and in the labour. I felt like I knew what I could do to help and I had a place in the whole process. I felt like I could more confidently offer my love and practical support, be better informed and know our birthing options. It really helped both of us to schedule time during the pregnancy to think about it, talk about and respond in every day life. Because without that, our busyness would have got away from us.


Erika helped prepare us for the birth of our son in a very short period of time, and with our 3 year old ‘helping out’ with costumes too!! I immediately felt a comfort with her, and the confidence with which she spoke of many birth experiences also gave me confidence that she would be ready for anything with us! Erika gave me a sureness about natural birth.

Although we were all together for the birth for about 3 hours, her presence brought strength and support to my partner when times got a bit tough. I appreciated her patience and words immensely during transition when I was in a bit of a state, and her timely offerings of drinks, hip massages and encouragement. She talked us through decisions that had to be made, and listened with respect when I was requesting things I didn’t think I would be requesting!

Knowing that Erika was there in case of difficult decisions or procedures also gave us a sense of readiness for anything. Thank you so much Erika for giving us a confidence to do it all again!

Kirsty and Jez


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