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A joyous homebirth for our 3rd baby

“I can feel the baby shifting about in my belly, not pushing or stretching, but hands and feet moving, questing: wondering, perhaps, what’s going on. I just had a contraction - a growing sense of pressure, undefined at first, then focused on the lower curve of my bump, then moving back through my cervix and a bit into lower back/top of hips. It's painful, but followed by a lovely feeling of relaxation and lassitude in those areas.”

home birth with a doula

How my doula helped me

So what does doula support really look like at a birth?  

Michelle and David attended my Birthready 2 day workshop and also booked me as their doula.  They gave heartfelt feedback about their experience with me (prenatally and during labour), which may help you better understand how doula support can help you too. Read on for their testimonial and feedback.

"Choosing Erika as our doula was the single best decision that my husband and I made in relation to birthing our baby. Erika is enormously caring, well-informed and experienced. From the start, she put us at ease with her open and friendly manner, her straightforward communication style and her warm sense of humour. We knew we could trust her to support us, but we couldn’t have imagined how indispensable her help would be....."


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