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Birth Debriefing

Birth debriefing

Some new parents live with unanswered questions and confusion from a previous birth experience.  Disempowerment, self-doubt and anger that can linger from a birth experience can stop you trusting your parenting skills and block your future birthing potential.  It can also take its toll on the way you relate and feel connected with your partner.

We take the time to listen to your birth story, offer perspectives of the factors that may have influenced the birth outcome and provide tools to think afresh the potential you have within.

We support your personal growth from the experiences you’ve had and help make positive changes for your future births and the flow on effect that can have.

Dear Erika, On the 18th of April Darren and I welcomed our beautiful healthy baby boy into the world. Labour was very long but I ended up having a uncomplicated natural birth with minimal tearing and I believe that the skills we learned at the workshop most definitely assisted with this. While at times I doubted myself and found myself overwhelmed with the pain we managed to use some of the techniques we learned, and more importantly I was able to trust my body and its ability to birth my baby. Darren was also an amazing support throughout the whole process. He had gained invaluable skills from the workshop to support me in the best possible way. We were left with a sense of accomplishment and pride and joy. I just wanted to thank you for passing on your knowledge, wisdom and encouragement with great warmth and enthusiasm during those two days – invaluable and I am so grateful we signed up.
Karin and Darren

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Sharing birth and life stories of parenthood

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Birthready helps facitliate an evening of open discussion and peer sharing and learning for expectant and new parents, (women and men).  In a friendly environment we support each other to share our birth and life stories, questions, ideas, wisdom and resources.  We troubleshoot our challenges by hearing each others perspecives and explore ways to manage our challenges. This is a facilitated process that uses group discussion, movies, handouts, hands on practices and what ever comes up in the group to explore how we can be happier, healthier human beings during the pregnancy to early parenting time.

Time:  7 - 8.30 pm First Thursday of each month

Place: Birthready Ringwood

Bring:  A plate of supper to share  (Optional)

RSVP: Please book your place to confirm (I may need to reschedule if called to a birth)

Please invite others that may be interested

Cost:  $20 per person

Creating your best transition into life as a parent.