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Welcome to the Consent Lab

A place to explore the art and science of  love, intimacy, support and communication as it relates to your health and wellness during  your pregnancy to parenting time. 

Learn the fundamentals of how to engage with another person and make decisions more confidently, safely and respectfully.  Using mindfulness and embodiment practices and the “empowerment and choice map” as our communication tool (see pic), you practice feeling into what meets your needs in the bed room and the birth room.

This is life changing self development.  Shared in a fun, informative and insightful way, learn about empowerment and choice: 

  • Be more confident to ask for what you want & express your desires?
  • Have more fun and pleasure in a safe and responsible way?
  • Say YES or NO to a request and feel good about it?
  • Engage and negotiate with others with a win/win outcome?
  • Have more awareness of what your limits are and feel safer when you connect with others.
Too often we are touched when we dont want to be or say Yes when we want to say No.  We do things for others because we ‘should’.  We dont speak up for ourselves.  We pressure others to do what we want…and so on. Shining a light on how we think, feel, communicate and behave helps us expereince life feeling safer, calmer, more in control and connected more to others.  Couples find their relationship feels refreshed and birthing parents find more positive ways to navigate the challenges of their health care options

Hear Erika share her wisdom on mindful birthing.


Sexylove Project Podcast with Caitlyn Cook

Feat. Erika Munton

What comes to mind when you think of birth? Is it possible to have great birth experiences? How?! With birth educator, doula, life coach and counsellor Erika Munton we explore cultural stories and myths about birthing, talk about what supports great birthing experiences in a practical and grounded way, hear realistic expectations for birth and find out about things like ecstatic birth. And as relationships and birthing experiences can take all shapes and colours, this episode is gender-inclusive and supportive to people who have all kinds of birth experiences.

Skills for birth and life

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