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Parenting resources

Information, education and support

Parenting science: A website for parents who are interested in the big picture -- child-rearing and child development considered from the perspectives of anthropology, evolution, psychology, and neuroscience.

PANDA - Post and Antenatal Depression Association Inc - Practical information, support, resources, education, news and events

sms4dads - a phone based support system that sends information to fathers during their transition to parenthood.

Behind the Mask: The Hidden Struggle of Parenthood - Presented by PANDA - This film presents real life stories of new parents who've experienced and overcome perinatal depression and anxiety. It talks honestly about their stories and features insights from experts and health professionals. It provides an opportunity to look behind the mask of secrecy that often conceals the true feelings of those effected by this debilitating condition.

Gullible new parent blog: "I believe that parents are not idiots, and that information about parenting that is reliable and referenced should be freely available.  I also believe parenting is not just an intellectual exercise but an emotional experience, and posts about these experiences are just as important for new parents as 'the facts'.  This blog is my contribution towards sanity and reassurance for new parents".  Creator

Home Education Network - Our aim is to provide support and information for people wishing to educate their children from a home base. Please note HEN is a parent support group, not a business.

Mothering - The magazine of natural family living. Many articles and information including support for dads.

Natural Parenting Melbourne - Parenting Naturally - Respecting our children and our Earth

Pinky McKay - International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) and a Certified Infant Massage Instructor, Pinky McKay is a Melbourne based writer and editor specialising in health, education and family issues. She also works ‘hands on’ with parents, teaching infant massage and solving breastfeeding problems, with many clients being referred to her by health professionals such as GPs and MCH nurses.

Not by accident - A documentary podcast series about choosing to become a single mother and coping with being one.  

Tweedle - Our highest priority is to provide assistance to families during pregnancy and with children up to school age that are facing multiple challenges and are in urgent need of therapeutic support.