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What is the role of a doula / professional labour support?

How we can help you:

  • We recognize childbirth as a pivotal life experience for you (and your family).  We aim to nurture, encourage, offer knowledge, physical, mental and emotional support, resources and advocacy for you through your pregnancy and into motherhood.
  • We believe in the importance of respecting birth as a natural process, trusting in your intuition, abilities and knowledge you have from within.
  • We offer comfort and pain relief techniques to help, among other wonderful non invasive ways to help, if need be.
  • We help minimise unnecessary intervention by supporting the proces of informed decision making and woman centred care.  We help you discuss options and gather information, particularly if there is a deviation from the natural process.  We can help you better understand the choices between your individual health care versus hospital policies and protocols.
  • We aid respectful communication, understanding and team work between you, your health care providers and your support people.
  • We offer emotional support, encouragement, options and personal reflection when things don’t go according to plan.
  • We assist you through the challenges and choices of preparing for and carrying out your wishes for birth and in early parenting.


My role as a doula has seen me coach and council hundreds of women and their families through their pregnancy, labour and early parenting time. Articles in my Blog talk about birthing in a way that felt more manageable than expected, had less interventions and felt deeply rewarding for themselves and their connection to their partner.  If that’s what you want, check out my doula support packages or call me, and lets talk about helping make this happen!.

We have a new Birthready doula team! I have established a professional back up doula team for extra support for the rare occasions I am unable to attend your birth after booking me.

We are woman who have personally experienced birth.  


A Birthready doula will not:

  • Perform clinical tasks, such as blood pressure, fetal heart checks, vaginal exams, give medical advice.
  • Carry medical equipment
  • Make decisions for the woman and/or the birth team.
  • Bring her preconceived ideas of what your birth ‘should be’ to you.

What’s better about hiring a Birthready doula? 

Erika – heartfelt thanks to you from myself, Jason and baby Struan. I can’t tell you how invaluable you were to me during our birth experience. Without you being with us at home I am sure that we would have gone to hospital much sooner and that I would caved and gone for the pain relief. I couldn’t believe it when we got there and the midwife said I was 8 cm dilated! You then helped me through the hardest part, that last 2cm, and when I thought I really couldn’t do it any more (and we both know that’s what I was thinking!) you helped me cope just one contraction at a time, encouraging me to try different positions and telling me how strong I was and how close I was to holding my baby boy. I know I was a challenge for you – I fought you and the process almost every step of the way – but you stuck with me, stayed strong and didn’t take any of my bull****!!! The result was a natural birth, and a beautiful, healthy and happy baby boy.

Your dedication to helping women have a safe, natural and amazing birth experience is truly apparent in everything you do Erika, and your commitment to that is only to be admired. Thank you once again – Jason and I would recommend you to anyone seeking a birthing partner who will help make the experience a joyful one!

Fiona and Jason

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