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Birth After Caesarean workshop – (Currently private sessions only)


Are thinking about how you might best prepare for a VBAC?

With this interactive and empowering workshop you and your partner have the supportive opportunity to explore BAC issues, get answers, plan, prepare, feel equiped, be more confident and much more….

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Continuity of care is a significant part of enabling your birth preparation and birth experience to be more positive and have good outcomes.  Our partnership nurtures this dynamic and supportive ‘side by side’ relationship.  Together, learn more about yourself, grow in life skills, boost your birthing ability and feel deeply support in this safe and caring environment.  You and your partner will be more confident to navigate your next birthing experience and strengthen the foundations your family life is building on.  

Find out:
  • Is VBAC safe?
  • What does good VBAC support look like and how do I get it?
  • What are my VBAC options?
  • How do I get clarity and support in my decision making process?
  • How can I work best with my labour?
  • How can I be better for my ongoing parenting journey?

Hear inspiring VBAC stories, participate in active birth preparation exercises,  talk through your birth plan options with your partner and share with the group for collective support, wisdom and encouragement.

This workshop will help you feel more powerful within yourself, have special time with your partner and offer results that can truly make a positive difference in your birthing journey.

I just want you to know how incredibly grateful I am to have had you at both Lumi and Samson’s births. While Samson’s birth didn’t go quite to plan, I felt in control of decisions that had to be made and I was still able to feel empowered by it. I’ll never forget your presence at both births and how you made me feel so calm, safe and confident. I have beautiful memories of you talking me through things and massaging me and giving me comfort when I needed it. I still feel like superwoman and I couldn’t have done it without you!!
Thank you so much for being there for Keane and I. You have helped me to find a strength within that I never knew existed. I am eternally grateful.

Lauren and Keane

Workshop information

Because working through your past birth experiences and exploring your birthing options in the future can stir your emotions, it is important to feel respected, listened to and safe in the person you chose to help you process this.

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My husband Rob and I attended Erika’s VBAC workshop. We are both very happy we did! It was such a positive, inspiring, calm and relaxed atmosphere and Erika was so welcoming and supportive. At no point did we feel overwhelmed or pressured with information. It was simply beautiful and healing for me to be able to share my story within the group. Hearing other mums speak about their feelings and their experiences was very moving and helped me understand my own.

I highly recommend this workshop for anyone who would like some encouragement with their desire for a vaginal birth. The opportunity to talk about one’s birthing experience/s and listen to other mums tell their stories is invaluable.

Caddie and Rob

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We explore what influences a positive birth outcome and what you can do about it with Birthready Doula Erika Munton.

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