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Continuity of care is a significant part of enabling your birth preparation and birth experience to be more positive and have good outcomes.  Our partnership nurtures this dynamic and supportive ‘side by side’ relationship.  Together, learn more about yourself, grow in life skills, boost your birthing ability and feel deeply support in this safe and caring environment.  You and your partner will be more confident to navigate your next birthing experience and strengthen the foundations your family life is building on.  

Find out:

  • Is VBAC safe?
  • What does good VBAC support look like and how do I get it?
  • What are my VBAC options?
  • How do I get clarity and support in my decision making process?
  • How can I work best with my labour?
  • How can I be better for my ongoing parenting journey?


The common trend is still to have a caesarean despite solid evidence showing that VBAC is a safe options for most women.  The Victorian maternity services performance indicators 16-17 statistics states that 30% of women will give VBAC a go and from this 56.4% succeed.  So lets explore the factors that can help you influence a positive outcome for you and your family!

Want to get started now….scroll down the page and talk with your partner through this simple GROW coaching worksheet.  Get the VBAC conversation moving in the right direction.  Anything that helps you get clarity about what you do and don’t want will help you get what you want.  I have tips and tricks to help you along the way.  I have stories that inspire and I have been witness to many women birthing their babies in their own power.  

Thank you so much for your time & wisdom last at our session last night. It was extremely beneficial to have you here and answer so many questions. While I had done lots of thinking I hadn’t done much talking with my partner. Now I feel so encouraged to know we really understands how each other think and feel about our VBAC. I feel that he will be a strong support now and that we are on the same page – an invaluable feeling.

Danielle and George

VBAC GROW Checklist  for Birth and Parenting Preparation

The way to go for my birthing experience: My Goals…My Reality…My Options…My Way forward


  • What is my birth philosophy?
  • How do I want this birth experience to be better / different?
  • Why do I want to have it this way?


  • What skills and strengths do I already posses?
  • What choices have I already made?
  • What support is already available to me?
  • What are the key influences I am facing regarding my birth experience:


  • What skills and strengths do I need to work on to increase my birthing ability and confidence?
  • What challenges or fear need further support and exploration?
  • What are my birth options in my community?

Way forward

  • What will I gain from working towards the birth I want?
  • What steps am I going to take to maximize the potential of achieving this birth?
  • Is there anything stopping me from going forward?

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Dear Erika, we are so grateful to have had your support, guidance and encouragement during Juniper’s birth. Your expert skills and knowledge of birth was invaluable. Your presence was calming and reassuring through many hours of labour. Thank you for giving me strength when things felt difficult. We appreciate the hard work you did, and we are certain that we could not have done it without you! We are so happy with how everything worked out, and are grateful that, with your support, Juniper has had the best possible start to life. Our family have so many positive memories surrounding her arrival. Thank you with all our hearts.

Niki and Kris

Podcast: Mindful birthing

We explore what influences a positive birth outcome and what you can do about it with Birthready Doula Erika Munton.

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