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What is Self Hypnosis – your personal guide

Hypnosis is a state that allows for access to the resources of yourwhole mind to help serve your purpose better

Self-hypnosis or being in trance is a natural learning state.  It happens in a lot of different ways, like zoning out, staring out the window, making love, day dreaming, engaging conversation, drifting off, spacing out, being in la la land etc.

Because there is so much we could be paying attention to in any moment, we have to filter what we think is important.  For example, we are not usually thinking about how to breathe, every physical sensation our body feels, defining the colours, shapes and lights our eyes see, every single sound we might hear etc.   This would be so time consuming!  Our conscious mind will only recall about 7 + or – 2 chunks of information at any given time in order to cope with this.  The rest becomes an unconscious process through the filters you have in place which create your reality.  You are making an internal representation of your world through your senses.

So let’s relax, explore and adjust the filters you are creating your world through!

To influence and suggest that your reality can be better than what it is, self-hypnosis can be a useful tool to use.  We look at where you want positive change to occur in your life and explore how you can go about doing that.  Everything you do has an important purpose behind it, and this will not be compromised.   Through the experience of hypnotic/trance states, the way you go about serving that purpose though, is where you will find the magical change happens.   You stay in control of this and no one else can make you change.   Suggestions are offered and you can try it out and play with different patterns of believing, thinking, feeling and behaving.

By experiencing self-hypnosis, we get to see things from new perspectives within ourselves, and it creates opportunities to use all of our brain as a resource to make positive change.   Just remember that all your life experiences, all that you have had modelled to you, all your instinctive responses and creativity are there.  It is also a way to access deep relaxation.  Our unconscious mind will offer so many more options than the conscious mind can do.

As our mind often sets up habitual responses in relation to the filters we have put in place we will work to:

1.     Interrupt your habitual response
2.     Open your perspectives on how you can be and do in your world
3.     Reprogram yourself to respond differently

It’s a fun and exciting process that you steer in the direction you want it to take.  It will set up auto/natural responses that will support you for better living.

Benefits of self-hypnosis:
1.      Relaxes the mind – reduces brain activity, slows down critical thinking and boosts calm thought.
2.      Relaxes the body – slows the metabolic rate of the body such as breathing, blood pressure, heart rate, body temperature and muscle tension.
3.      Redirects thoughts – gives positive and proactive ways of thinking and feeling better
4.      Utilises all your inner resources and creativity
5.      Helps solve problems and creates positive change easier

Limitations of self-hypnosis:
1.      You may not go as deeply as when being guided by someone else
2.      There may be a difference in the therapeutic outcome
3       It’s not the only therapy that can help

When to practice:
Start by practicing this process every day for 5-10 minutes, you can find yourself managing the day-to-day demands on your life easier and quicker.  Once you feel more confident or feel ready to do more, lengthen the time, or use it whenever you need to in real everyday life circumstances.

Your self-hypnosis guided instructions:
You can move positively along YOUR chosen path of life and overcome challenges with more courage, creativity and confidence.  Adapt this to suite your needs as you experience this process.

1. Find a comfortable place to sit or lye down and relax in a quiet undisturbed place.  Let distractions go (like clouds drifting off in the sky).  If you are standing, feel balanced and grounded to the earth.

2. Narrow your focus by paying closer attention to something like your breath, an object in front of you, a sound, a word or an image in your mind.

3. Take 5 slower deeper breaths, or any breath that feels calming and deeply resting and…..

4. Anchor your ability for self-hypnosis by choosing something that reminds you that you can do this eg

A word like ‘relax now’ or ‘feel calm’,
Closing your eyes and counting up or down 1-5.
Focus on calm rhythmic breathing
A specific picture in your mind – image, colour, pattern
A specific object – shawl, blanket, sculpture,
A specific sound – piece of music, chime
Physical anchor – press thumb into palm, touch thumb and finger together etc

5. Let yourself drop into your body with non-judgement and acceptance.  Let your self relax deeper and deeper with every breath you take.

6. Scan through your body and let go of any tension you can, all the way from your head to your toes, from your outer limbs to your inner core.

7. Give yourself permission to use this calm time to zone out, relax, heal, create, envision, process.  Each time you may have a different purpose on how to use this time but allow your inner mind to be still.

8. Continue to let go of any distractions without judgement.  Be kind to yourself. Trust your unconscious mind to know how to help you and that it is doing it.

9. Let your mind and body be open to all possibilities for a better and better life and see yourself doing it.

10. When you feel a natural end to this experience count yourself back the other way from 1-5  and open your  eyes feeling fully awake, alert, rested and refreshed.

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