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Returning to work

Expert coaching, guidance and education for parental leave employees

Working towards a happy and healthy work/home life balance

From pregnancy to parenthood, its an exciting time but it can also be overwhelming and worrying. It’s a time of significant change and there are practical, emotional and physical demands to deal with, now and in the future.

The tension and anxiety that many people at work experience when facing parental leave is a real challenge:

  • How do I deal with my stress and all that I’m already juggling?
  • How can I best navigate my career options?
  • How am I going to find a manageable work/home life balance?
  • What are my options for birthing and parenting the way I want to?


Birthready will help support you in your workplace while pregnant and later in your return to work.  We coach manager’s and employees to find positive workable solutions, bridge the gaps, reduce fears, boost your internal resources and skills, and help bring this personal health and wellbeing back to work.

The overarching feedback we get from our Birthready clients is:

  • How quickly they bounce back to feeling good
  • How their anxiety is reduced and confidence is boosted
  • They feel more in control and empowered in their decisions
  • How resourced and ready they feel managing day-to-day demands
  • How better planned and prepared they feel for birth and parenting


The time I shared with my personal coach throughout my pregnancy shifted me from feeling fearful and into a confidence I didn’t know I had! Each session gave me fresh perspectives and tools to deal with my issues at hand. The emotional support was invaluable, and transferred to my partner being better support also. I was able to communicate what I needed to my boss when extra care for my health was necessary. In the end taking care of myself meant that I was more switched on at work and was able to give my best until leave started. Now a few weeks into motherhood I am so proud of myself. I look forward to the coming coaching sessions when we discuss my return to work options with my new self awareness and guts that ‘I can do anything I set my mind to’!


This program can be tailored to work with where you are in the pregnancy, birth, parenting and return to work continuum.

Explore whether your employer can make a positive difference in your life by endorsing this program for its parental leave employees. Contact your human resources department and have a conversation to participate now.

Contact us to find out more.

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