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Love and connection with your partner

Purposeful relating – Getting the love you want.

Deepening your connection, communication and intimacy with your partner.

It is so important to actively connect to and build strong foundations of love, health and happiness in your growing family life!

Thanks so much for our coaching session last night. We had SO many meaningful take aways and we look forward to evolving together in our relationship as a couple, a family and individually. See you again in the coming months.

Sarah and Rob

Some couples can feel as if the time and energy they once had to nurture meaningful connection with each other is strained when transitioning into life as parents. Whether that’s when you are trying to conceive, during the changes of pregnancy or adjusting to having given birth and caring for a baby.  Connection, communication and intimacy can feel different. There can be a feeling of loss from how things once were. New responsibilities and a new identity can change how you feel within yourself, your perspective on things, your priorities and your ability to solve the problems you face. Sometimes it just feels like creativity has gone out the window. Some attention can go a long way to making you feel like you are back on track to what’s most important to you.

  • Get to know yourself better and how to be true to that in life
  • Improve your communication skills and feel heard and understood
  • Understand each other’s love languages and how to give and receive that love
  • Learn easy, practical and fun ways to boost loving connection and intimacy
  • Feel fantastic in your body and mind
  • Work through stuckness you may have in your relationship
  • Explore how this relates into your world of pregnancy, birth and parenting

Who wants to miss out on the joy of relating to each other in the most positive and supportive way!

Having know Erika for many years as a colleague and as my Doula, there was no hesitation in asking her to assist my husband and I with some relationship coaching. Erika’s warmth and understanding created a place within our own home where we could be vulnerable and also reconnect with each other emotionally and physically. Thanks Erika for you nurturing guidance and relationship tune up. XX

Nicole McAuliffe

This is a journey, and every couple will be creating a different ‘relationship landscape’.  As individuals and as a couple you will have some idea of the path you wish to pave.  There will be time to define what that path looks like, where it’s going to, how to stay on track and overcome obstacles along the way.

For some this may be a way to boost what’s already working well for the most part.  For others this process may be the start of a radical relationship renovation.  This isn’t as hard as it might seem.  It’s one step at a time and you already have skills that have worked before.  You have the incredible opportunity for personal growth and creating the changes you want.

By paying attention to getting the love you want now, you can have what your heart truly desires.

Other reasons why this is a good idea to work on now:

  • It develops better birthing and parenting skills
  • The love and support your partner is able to offer in labour is enhanced
  • A strong partner connection can create a strong foundation for loving family life.
  • Self awareness and self observation means you can be in control of making personal changes in other challenges.
  • Learn techniques to enhance pleasurable sensations for you and your partner and feel renewed in your relationship.
  • It develops skills that help you relate to other people meaningfully.


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