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Supporting your partner

From pregnancy to parenthood – Feel more confident and able to care for yourself and the people you love.

Together we can create the best start to new life with your family:

  • Find how to be actively involved in the preparation and birth of your child (mentally, emotionally and practically)
  • Be supported and respond pro actively to the challenges and choices you are facing
  • Deepen your connection, communication and intimacy between you and your partner
  • Be more confident by understanding the natural birth process alongside todays medical model of care
  • Find a happy, health and successful home/work balance

For your ‘Birth support partner check list’, click on download folder in the right column and use this as a springboard for discussion with your partner today.

Attend a Beer + Bubs class (A one night session at the pub where expectant dads learn how to support their partner through the birth of their baby). Childbirth is daunting for men too and this session prepares fathers for an active, caring role.

Join sms4dads (a phone based support system that sends information to fathers during their transition to parenthood).

Create a dads group in your local area: Dads Group Inc (Connecting Dads in local communities so they can share their experiences, make new friends and enjoy a healthier, happier family life).

At Birthready we come alongside you to offer support, education and guidance and and help you have the positive outcome you are looking for.

In todays culture there is a lot of pressure for birth partners to be everything for the labouring woman. In actual fact its only been since the revolution in the 70’s that men started to attend the births of their babys and be actively involved. This is also more specific to the western culture. There is often an expectation that they will be able to regurgitate all the facts from the childbirth class, be advocates for their partners in the medical setting, bring comfort and support to help them through contractions and be an active participants in the process.

Thankfully most partners are up for the challenge and are finding their own personal satisfaction by being more involved. But there’s a way to go about this so that partners will feel more intuitive, confident and able to be the support people they and their partners desire.

We found Erika online and loved the fact that she was very clear about supporting her clients choice to birth where they wanted in the circumstances they were comfortable with. Erika certainly doesn’t push her own agenda, but was very good at pushing ours!

Knowing that we were going to have a birth partner with us during the birth was very comforting for me during Stef’s pregnancy. My expectation was that we would be having a minimum 10 hour birth and I felt completely supported knowing that Erika would be there not just as an extra set of hands but someone Stef had come to feel really close to during the pre-birth consultations. As it turned out the birth was so quick Erika made it only minutes before the birth, and I don’t think I even had time to massage Stef’s back. Thanks so much Erika for your support and education which we feel was integral in the ease and speed of the birth of our beautiful baby girl Loup!

Philip Romeril

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