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Parenting coaching – Creating the family life you desire

Do you want to have some undisturbed time to talk through the tough stuff, feel clearer, happier and in control again?

In our coaching partnership you can clarify what’s working and what’s not, and bring about positive change to your day to day life as a parent:

  • Talk about how you and your partner define good parenting
  • Increase your confidence and ability to parent well
  • Have practical guidance and mentoring for your child’s daily routine
  • Enhance your relationship with your partner to be healthy, loving and exciting
  • Create a happy and manageable work and home life balance
  • Move with greater ease between the various roles and responsibilities you face as a parent/partner/friend/professional/self etc
  • Find yourself and reigniting your passions
  • Deal with unhelpful emotions, patterns of behaviour, habits and beliefs you hold
  • Develop skills that help you feel better about yourself
  • Set goals for the direction you and your family want to tak
  • Explore childcare and educational options for your children and how it may impact your family


We were delighted to work again with Erika, this time with individual hypnotherapy sessions. We consider Erika an angel on earth, and we were not surprised to find the experience amazing. We each have life-long challenges to work through, and Erika has not only helped us come to a state of bliss and realisation in the hypnotised state, but provided us with tools to use in our everyday lives. Thank you Erika 🙂

Catherine & Matt

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