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Life Coaching and Counselling

Feel confident, capable and purposeful as you find your best way from pregnancy to parenting

Be encouraged by whats working and be supported to problem solve what’s not! We can shape a better way forward by defining what you want and how to make it happen: your goals, skills, values, options and the next steps to make a positive difference (mind and body). Its a big time of change, and support can help give you the confidence and skills to shift unhelpful beliefs, feelings and behaviours to make your day to day life better.

Antenatal support

Reduce your fears and anxieties and feel emotionally supported to confidently manage the challenges you are facing (including Hypnobirthing.

Home help with your newborn

Receive nurture and care at post natal visits in your home during the crucial first 3 months with your baby.


Have some undisturbed time to talk through the tough stuff, get direction, feel clearer, happier and in control again.


Deepening your connection, communication and intimacy with your partner.

Returning to work

Planning towards a happy and healthy work/life balance

Home help with your newborn

Receive nurture and care at post natal visits in your home during the crucial first 3 months with your baby.

When we look specifically at the issues of parenthood it helps to acknowledge that great self-sacrifice is involved. Our ego goes through a massive adjustment. Our lifestyles need to accommodate the changes. Our consciousness asks us to be responsible role models and consider those in our care. We are faced with the choices of how to help shape a new family and be healthy, happy, functioning human beings.

Our capacity to expand our hearts to love, nurture and take responsibility for another human being is enormous. It’s important to realize that we have the right to self-determination, alongside the responsibility to not only sustain life, but to make it a life worth living.

I have found the journey into parenthood to be challenging. Becoming a Mum has forced me to evaluate my priorities, commitments and my goals for the future. I have been receiving life coaching from Erika for the past 18 months, who has helped me to clarify, my goals, direction, priorities and values. It’s been a time of enormous change. When I first started with Erika I felt overwhelmed and directionless. With her assistance I have clarified what I want for the future and worked out ways to make it happen. One of my goals is to establish a successful online business. I really valued having somebody by my side to help, encourage, motivate and occasionally advise me. It has been a wonderful journey and one that I would highly recommend to anyone struggling with their transition into parenthood. Ahmed

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