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Parental Leave Wellness – Employers

Become a first choice employer and support diversity and culture in your workplace

  • support your staff with health and well-being during pregnancy/expectancy
  • enhance staff transition back into the workforce

Birthready helps empower and enable your people to create their best transition into life as a parent, in the workplace and at home. Our team helps to meet the personal and professional needs for both you and your staff, for a positive parental leave process.

We coach managers and employees to find positive workable solutions, create conversations, bridge the gaps, reduce fears, boost your internal resources and skills, and help bring this personal health and wellbeing back to work.

Employer benefits:

  • Effective support integrating change
  • Calm, confident, balanced staff
  • Productive workers
  • Reduce recruitment costs and training
  • Support gender diversity
  • Gain loyalty and trust
  • Improve communication with staff

Employee benefits:

  • Respectful parental leave planning
  • Support with career progression
  • Feel more calm, capable and confident through change
  • Enhance skills for birth and life
  • Increase likelyhood of satisfying birth experience
  • Continuity of care for a better home/work life balance
  • Be a happier, healthier, more resilient you!

What difference can it make to your business?

The ASX Corporate Governance Council’s Diversity Recommendations found that the key benefits of a diversity policy identified by ASX listed companies were:

• improved culture and corporate image
• improvements to the bottom line
• broadening of skills and experience of the workforce
• access to a broader talent pool and a
• better environment for generating ideas

KPMG (2013), ASX Corporate Governance Council Principles and Recommendations on Diversity: Analysis of disclosures for financial years ended between 31 December 2011 and 30 December 2012)


All programs are customised to your specific needs through a collaborative decision making processes. We work with you to define your needs and purpose. Programs can be run for individuals or groups options include focus groups, workshops, information sessions and coaching such as:

• Coaching – 1:1 or group coaching
• Destress sessions – regular group mindfulness and relax sessions
• Parental leave planning – upskilling, supporting and facilitating communication between managers and their staff
• Birth plan – preparing the expectant parents for the big day.
• Birth attendance – private labour support for the parents and their support team.
• Post natal support – practical and emotional home help. Support to keep contact at work during leave.
• Return to work support – negotiating and implementing the return to work processes, procedures and policies.

Finding a solution

Let’s get the conversation’s going and brainstorm the collective ideas from all sides. We can find out what’s not working and explore solutions. After 20 years of experience in corporate and private practice, we have the skills and care to tap into the real issues and make positive change.

Our coaching, education, guidance and support through the parental leave period creates deep trust in the relationships we build and helps this process be successful and enjoyable.

Many companies are taking the lead to improve their diversity culture and supporting both women and men during the pregnancy to parenting time. For advice and program information and get on board:

Erika Munton
0407 685 933


Nicole McAuliffe
0407 224 288

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