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As an experienced doula of 20 years and coach of 10, I understand the feelings and reality of working solo to build a business from something I feel passionate about.

If you are struggling with feeling alone, unmotivated, unsure, lacking in direction or want to take the next positive steps in your work life, seek out a life coach – someone who empowers you to empower yourself.  A coach is your personal guide, encourager, teacher and helper so you can bring your vision alive more fully.  I have one because it feels so much better to work with the wisdom, enthusiasm, perspective and help of a team.

Where ever you are in your personal or business path, a life coach can help you take the next steps more successfully:

  • Grow your business better and faster
  • Get support for the challenges along the way
  • Manage the daily demands on your time, energy and resources
  • Be calmer and less stressed
  • Strengthen meaningful relationships
  • Be more confident, able and motivated to do the work you are passionate about.

Programs offer continuity of support, guidance and education through a life coaching, business and mentoring framework.

I collaborate and refer on with experts in their field, such as: marketing, finance, administration, personal development, education, planning, bodywork, NLP, hypnosis and more.

Say YES to all that is important to you and make it happen! Contact Erika today and talk about the next steps to establish a supportive partnership and create positive change today.

Thank you so much for sharing your resources with me. I am impressed with the body of work you have amassed, and I certainly hope I will have something similar one day! It’s really useful to see what another doula has developed. I am of course just at the beginning of this development work, putting documents together on different topics in response to the needs of my first clients.

The workshop on Wednesday was so useful to me, and I immediately felt so much more prepared to support my first client with her labour. I was very grateful to Tammy and Neil for sharing that space with me, too. Today I did a visit to my client and we practised everything I learned from you this week. That was great for both of us to get a sense of the mechanics of labour support, to establish what she likes best, and for me to know myself a little better regarding what I am physically capable of. My client now feels ready for labour.


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