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Labour support packages

Our time together will enable a trusting partnership to develop, so you will have the support to navigate your birthing journey more confidently. Alongside the doula role you can have your own personal childbirth educator, life coach or other complementary skills from your doula.  After an initial discussion over the phone, via skype or as a free meet n greet, we can tailor a package to meet your needs.

All packages will include:

  • 24/7 phone support
  • Being ‘on call’ from 2 weeks before you due date until birth
  • Attendance at your birth (home, Hospital or other location)
  • A professional back up doula service (if included in your package)
  • Birthready guided meditations by Erika Munton
  • Access to a resource library of books, DVD’s, CD’s and more
  • 1x 2hr prenatal visit (or 2 x 1hr visits) and birth attendance.
  • Get to know your birth support team and develop your birth plan.
  • 3 x 1.5 hr prenatal visits, 1 postnatal visits and birth attendance.
  • Or Birthready active birthing workshop / couple, 1  x 1.5 hr prenatal visit, 1 postnatal visits and birth attendance.
  • Adding on from the basic package, this gives you more consistent support over time.  Work through your birth preparation check list and develop helpful life and birth skills.  Practice body and breath techniques for easier birthing.  Resolve fears and concerns that arise along the way. See outline of visits below.
  • 4 x 1.5hr prenatal visits, 4 postnatal visits and birth attendance.
  • This is a comprehensive and fully supported birth preparation program, building on from the other packages.
  • Includes the Birthready with Hypnosis Program and Birth Skills.
  • Receive a birthing with hypnosis resource folder, 4 guided meditations, scripts, partner exercises, and other resources.
  • Postnatally your visits can be tailored to suit what you need. For example: have a birth debrief, a parenting check in, a relationship tune up and explore life options outside the home.

Back up doula: 1 Prenatal visit and being ‘on call’

Have a known Birthready doula be your back up as a part of your birth support team.  You may choose who this is, or I can recommend someone, or you can arrange this for yourself.

Outline of Visits:  These are flexible in the content covered and are always adjusted to meet your needs.  We aim to cover:

1st visit:

  • Discuss your goals and where you are now
  • Explore your options and the next steps you may take
  • Debriefing prior birth experience/s
  • Going through a labour and birth preparation check list – covering:
    • Making an informed decision
    • Learning about the different models of care
    • What you can do now to be better prepared for a natural birth experience
    • Creating the best birth environment possible
    • Processing fears or concerns


2nd visit:

  • Developing and defining your written birth plan/intentions
  • Exploring further your understanding of possible medical interventions you may face
  • Understanding everyone’s roles and responsibilities within the birth team

3rd visit:

  • Learning/reviewing relaxation, pain relief and active birth techniques and optimal foetal positioning
  • Final check in with partner about their support in labour
  • Reviewing stages of labour and birth and when to call your doula
  • Have a final check in of your preparation and birth plan

Extra areas of birth preparation we can include are:

  • Learning calm birth / hypnosis techniques
  • Partner relationship check in and parenting preparation
  • Guided meditations – suited to your area of need e.g. to help release fears and tension, to solve problems and envision your best birthing experience
  • Bodywork – making space for your baby (know your pelvis and how to work with it).  One on one with me, or techniques for you and your partner to practice
  • BAC (Birthing After a Caesarean) information, education and support
  • Bringing your baby home 0 baby care, exploring parenting philosophy’s, lifestyle changes, relationship adjustments, support set up, what to expect
  • One on one life coaching sessions to help create positive change within you


  • Debriefing the birth experience
  • Giving nurture and care
  • Discussing life with your baby – feed, sleep and cry behaviour
  • Post-natal support resources Parenting support offers extra options available after your baby is born.

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We explore what influences a positive birth outcome and what you can do about it with Birthready Doula Erika Munton.

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