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Build the knowledge and skills to feel confident and informed to birth and parent your way!

  • Do you want to feel more confident in your ability to have an empowering birth? 
  • Do you want to feel more in control and informed about your birth and parenting choices? 
  • Do you want to be more calm and sure about how to communicate and create a supportive birth team?  

With all that you are wading through, i’m here to help you create your best transition into life as a parent.  This is one of the biggest gigs of your life and your time and energy now will be well worth it!  As a starting point explore which Childbirth education program suits your needs best or book a private coaching session to work out your next steps.  

Having attended every maternity hospital in Melbourne and supported hundreds of women and families through their pregnancy, birth and early parenting time, I am passionately committed to enabling this to be a positive and empowering time of personal growth and change.  We work together to:

  • Build trust and confidence in your natural birthing and parenting abilities
  • Know your health care options, cultural influences and make informed choices
  • Prepare you and your partner for an empowering birth experience
  • Nurture a healthy partner relationship for life as parents.
  • Feel resourced and ready to care for your baby.

Programs and processes to enable this may include:  

From pregnancy, through birth and beyond we can support, guide and help you make the best of the challenges, changes and choices you may be facing.

Thank you so much for your guidance and support throughout my pregnancy. Although the birth didn’t turn out the way I imagined, I felt our classes made me very relaxed no matter the outcome. The classes helped me to keep calm and know what to do in all scenarios. It helped by making me (Sam) feel useful in times of need. I think people need to remember that mother nature will have it her way in the end. The most important thing is surrounding yourself with the best support possible. I believe my husband was truly amazing throughout my labour and pregnancy due to the level of understanding my body through working with you.

Claire and Sam

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