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Hypnotherapy is an effective process to help create positive and lasting change in a persons life.  As your Birth Hypnosis practitioner, I am your guide in the process of understanding how natural birth works and what you can do to influence having a positive and empowering birth.

Just as a personal trainer teaches a client how to improve peak body performance, I guide you (and your partner) in learning self-relaxation, mindfulness practices, breathing techniques and equip you to use these skills to achieve a positive and empowering birth. We will help work through limiting beliefs, unhelpful habits, stress and fear so you feel more confident in your transition to life as a parent.

You will also have what you need to help you feel more resourced for day-to-day life, which in turn becomes your opportunity to build confidence and ability for the birthing day. You will receive one-on-one support, an information folder, education, practice, relaxation cds, scripts and other resources.

Hypnobirthing sessions are always tailored to suit the needs of the client.  Both men and women experience positive, lasting change to better manage and enjoy life during this time of transition.

Start with one session or book the Birthready with Hypnosis program.  Over the course of 3 sessions we usually cover:

Session 1 – Understanding

  • Birth with hypnosis introduction: how it works, the benefits, what to do, when, where etc
  • Explore what you want to create and be guided through a meditation to anchor your resourceful state for creating change.
  • Understand natural birthing in context in today’s birth culture.  Exploring how to feel safe, respected and empowered. 
  • Practice relaxation and breathing techniques and be guided through a hypnotic process specific to your needs.
  • Determine how you will integrate the practice into every day life.

Session 2 – Renewing

  • Check in and feedback since the last session
  • Explore challenges: fears, beliefs, behaviours and find helpful strategies to overcome issues that may arise during labour
  • Be guided through a meditation to reframe fears, old beliefs and behaviours
  • Explore your birthing plan

Session 3 – Integration

  • Check in and feedback since the last session
  • Explore other supports you may want or need and how to get them.
  • Review you and your partners mind / body toolkit for labour.  
  • Be guided through a meditation to help you feel safer and more in control of your experience.  


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Erika provided my partner and I with grounded strength and knowledge leading up to and during our birth. Her guidance provided each of us with a pathway to explore how we felt about pregnancy, our individual changes and life as new parents to be. Erika played a vital part in our birth experience and we will be forever thankful for her love and support.

Lisa and Ryan

Before becoming pregnant I was always a little nervous about the birth process, especially episiotomy! I had never imagined myself getting through it without drugs.

My husband Phil had told me a little bit about Doula’s and how they can help with the fears surrounding birth and the preparation. This lead me to do some research online where I found Erika. She was very easy to talk to and even in the first conversation started to make me feel more relaxed. The Hypobirth part of our preparation was really important for me to slow down my mind and stop thinking about the negative stories I had heard and read about birth. This allowed me to experience my birth as a natural easy process. Learning about the perineal/internal massage was also great and got me to understand my body better and start to experience birth sensations and become comfortable with them. In fact the birth felt easier than the massage.

My husband and I were open to any medical intervention options that could come up in child birth as we had chosen to be in the medical system at the royal women’s, however Erika gave us both faith that we could do it naturally. The birth as it turned out was even better than we had imagined possible (2.5 hours & drug free) and Erika only just made it about 5 minutes before our baby was born. Thanks Erika, I will be recommending you to all my friends.

Stephanie Bailly

Podcast: Mindful birthing

We explore what influences a positive birth outcome and what you can do about it with Birthready Doula Erika Munton.

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