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Home help with your newborn

Receive nurture and care at post natal visits in your home during the crucial first 3 months with your baby.

After giving birth reality with your newborn starts to settle in pretty quickly.  You are recovering from labour and birth. You are working out how to feed, comfort and care for your baby’s needs, as well as your own! You are processing the birth experience.  Emotions and energy in the household can fluctuate easily from one extreme to the other. Everyone is usually feeling more tired.  The need to integrate new roles, skills and responsibilities to your daily routine usually mean there is a lot of communication, integration and understanding going on between family members and the baby.

This is a time where loving nurture and attention, a listening ear, practical help and guidance can be so valuable for everyone involved. You dont feel so alone and vulnerable when you know that you have someone to call, talk to and work things out with.

With the several hats I wear in the support I offer, this becomes a very special time of gentle encouragement,  boosting your confidence and ability to care for yourself and your baby:

Some ways I can be helpful during this early parenting time:

  • Time together to share how you are feeling and getting through your day
  • Be a pair of helping hands around the house – tidying, cooking, cleaning, etc
  • Helping with the baby so you can care for yourself – eg have a shower!
  • Helping with your recovery and healing process by nurturing massages and bodywork
  • Closing ceremony to bring your body’s attention back into itself
  • Discussing your baby’s feeding, sleeping, crying and settling issues
  • Gently being proactive about the direction you want family life to take
  • Helping you process changes with your partner and enhance connection, intimacy and communication

Min 3 hrs at your home – cost  $45/hr.
Travel cost of $50/visit will apply to homes 45 min away or further.
Expand this package to suit your needs.

Thanks again Erika for being so fantastic! You are making a real difference for Amanda and her family. Nonie


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