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Hiring a doula from Birthready

Birthready doulas are a passionate team of women who care to help you create your best transition into life as a parent, especially during the labour itself.  Erika has been a doula in Melbourne for over 18 years and knows how to best match you to the right primary or back up doula if she can not attend your birth.

The benefits of a Birthready doula for you are:

  • Having a doula who has agreed and is committed to the Birthready code of ethics
  • Having a central place to find a qualified doula who suits your needs
  • Getting support and assistance if you have any grievances with your doula
  • Having the peace of mind of a professionally managed backup doula system
  • Having a clear and concise contract between you and your doula (covering: refunds, cancellations, deposits etc.)
  • Working with a reputable doula with cross checked testimonials & and a positive working history
  • Partnering with women who care to create a sustainable and ecological business model

Birthready doulas may also have other skills to support their practice.  Eg: Birth educators, yoga instructors, dancing for birth facilitators, massage, life coaching, relationship wellness, placenta encapsulation and post natal doula.

Talk to Erika and explore your options.  Find the right support person for your pregnancy to parenting journey!

Contact us to find out more.

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