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Active birth and parenting classes


Are you Birthready? – Be inspired, empowered and educated to create your best possible birth and beyond!

Join me in this interactive, integrative and rewarding experience.  Discover a wide range of learning tools to prepare for safe and satisfying birthing and beyond. These classes helps make permanent the life skills for positive living as parents.  Self development and education is your embodied power and strengthens your capacity for challenge, change and celebration.  It is exciting to see how much people change from fear to courage, stress to calm and doubt to confidence as they soak up the experience and relate it to their journey into parenting.  

Day 1:We explore natures design for birth and how to work with it, understand birth interventions, learn how to make an informed choice and practice active birth techniques such as relaxation, mindfulness, hypnosis, body awareness. 

Day 2: Start confidently as a parent with fundamental tools to help you understand and care for your baby.  Grow more conscious of the relationship wellness you wish to cultivate during this big time of change, challenge and celebration.



INVESTMENT – $490 for 2 day or $245 for 1 day. $40/class extra for home visit.  Inc all essential resources and follow up phone support.   

LOCATION – Mien Natural Therapies Fitzroy Nth | in your home | Birthready Ringwood 


These classes offer an independent point of view, evidence based information and personal stories. They enable you to significantly increase your chance for optimising the natural birth process and feeling empowered through your experience.  Valuable information and local resources to other helpful services will be provided in class and via email, including your personal guide to Mindful birthing with hypnosis booklet with meditation tracks.  

Just wanted to let you know that I birthed my baby boy on Tuesday morning – drug free and found the hips squeezing exercise absolutely amazing during labour. Thanks for showing it to us in class.


We will provide you with:-

  1. A deep understanding of your body’s design for natural labour and birth.
  2. Awareness of your maternity care options, including models of care, places of birth and how they may influence the birth process.
  3. Tools to calm and relax your mind and body to help your labour progress normally using more of your senses; movement, breath,  active birth positions, sounds, smells, hypnosis, intuition, massage, touch, presence!
  4. Helpful skills to enhance your partners ability to trust their own intuition and provide comforting, pain relief techniques
  5. Understanding how to navigate the medical model of care and communicate effectively with your birthing team.
  6. Education and tools to care for your baby:  communication, breastfeeding, settling and sleep.
  7. Understanding of mother, partner and newborn care after birth – physical, emotional and practical
  8. A safe place to deepen connection with your partner and prepare your relationship for the transition into life as parents. 

Transform your perceptions of pain and change to power with pleasure and awareness.  Dissolve your fear and leave on an empowered and excited high!  


Dear Erika, On the 18th of April Darren and I welcomed our beautiful healthy baby boy into the world. Labour was very long but I ended up having a uncomplicated natural birth with minimal tearing and I believe that the skills we learned at the workshop most definitely assisted with this. While at times I doubted myself and found myself overwhelmed with the pain we managed to use some of the techniques we learned, and more importantly I was able to trust my body and its ability to birth my baby. Darren was also an amazing support throughout the whole process. He had gained invaluable skills from the workshop to support me in the best possible way. We were left with a sense of accomplishment and pride and joy. I just wanted to thank you for passing on your knowledge, wisdom and encouragement with great warmth and enthusiasm during those two days – invaluable and I am so grateful we signed up.

Karin and Darren

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Confident and informed birthing and beyond.

When you:

    • understand and have confidence in your body’s birthing process;
    • are able to communicate effectively with your care provider and make informed choices about your care;
    • can use a range of strategies to work with your birthing body for an easier and efficient labour;
    • have skills and supports available to you to meet the challenges of parenting a newborn baby…

…you are Birthready.

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