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Melissa’s waters rupture for 4 days before labour starts

Hi Erika, I just want to say it was the hardest thing I've ever done but I'm so proud of myself that I kept going. The birth centre midwife was amazing. She had me doing the flights of stairs at 4am with contractions every 2 min (I wasn't happy at this point at all)...

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Our VBAC journey with Erika

I was so determined to birth my baby naturally so I knew I had to do my research and get outside support that wasn't affiliated with the hospital. I had heard of doulas but didn't know much about them. It soon became very clear... Reflecting on our VBAC journey with...

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Kerry’s induction

"We felt comfortable immediately after meeting Erika, she has a great sense of humour and is passionate about her role as Doula. On the day she was nothing short of miraculous, she spent as much time on her knees as I did birthing our son!!! Having her there helped me...

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Our last minute change from hospital to home for a VBAC

Erika was key in helping me through my concerns with my first birth, and giving me great information in the form of a VBAC workshop to know I could have a VBAC at home. Our Last minute change from hospital to home for VBAC Nicole and Daniel shared with me some of...

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A fast natural first birth!

Amanda's first birth was quick and intense.... Thank you for helping me get the birth experience I wanted!!!  I really noticed the things you had not only taught me, but also Alec, and it helped so much!  I also feel like I recovered emotionally so much better because...

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My first birth was a water birth in a hospital

The female body is an amazing thing. And our mind is an amazing instrument. With my body producing natural pain relief, I was able to manage the labour pain through vocalization and breathing. I was in the zone, like I was on drugs, natural drugs produced by my body....

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Preterm birth with lots of determination

What important parts of myself did I discover during my birth? That I am stronger than I like to think I am!!!! Greta shares some reflections about her preparation and experience of birthing her baby boy at 36 weeks gestation at the Royal Women's Hospital. I felt a...

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A happy 1st time birthing mother

Thank you again Erika. You really made my labour an unforgettable experience and crazily enough a good memory! Thank you Penny - you are an awesome birthing woman….. and a quick one at that! Lucky we didn't leave your home any later than we did. But you knew what you...

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VBAC success for Melanie

I am on such a high still from completed my VBAC. It has been a very healing experience. I'm so glad that I trusted my body and gave it a go. Thank you for helping empower us and helping me to experience the amazing feeling of giving birth 🙂 Hi Erika, we just wanted...

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VBAC preparation and success for Marissa

1. During your pregnancy and birth what new skills/aspects about yourself have you learnt? I learnt that with the right support and preparation, I could be strong, resilient and achieve what I wanted during the birth of my second son.vaginal birth after caesarean...

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Podcast: Mindful birthing

We explore what influences a positive birth outcome and what you can do about it with Birthready Doula Erika Munton.

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