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Birth skills for easier birthing and partner support

You can experience an easier, quicker and more rewarding birth experience with birth skills practiced now!

Compliment your hospital birth classes (and all that theory) with practical hands on birth preparation practices.  in this small group class we overview how to work with the natural birth process across the stages of labour in an interactive and hands on way.  This helps anchor the skills and knowledge expectant parents need to really feel confident about what to do and when!  Do a birth run through and feel more confident, skilled, connected, and informed for birthing and beyond!

We also learn about effective communication so you can ask for what you want, create safe boundaries and understand your birth options. In turn you create a more women centred support team and enhance a more positive birth experience for you and your partner.  

Held at: Mien Salon and Spa, 370 Queens Parade Fitzroy North – Thursday evenings 6.30 – 8.30 pm every 2 months 


  • 16th of January
  • 19th of March
  • 21st of May
  • 16th of July
  • 17th of September
  • 19th of November

My partner James and I learnt so much and really enjoyed the birth skills session with you! James has said a few times now, how much more prepared he feels and is not so scared about the whole labour/birthing process and feels he can now help me to have the best natural labour and birth possible. I also feel so much more ready. Even though I haven’t felt scared about the labour and birth, I now feel even more prepared and will be able to get in touch with my body more to help me with the process!! Thanks so much!

Joe and James

Some of the birth skills we cover:

  • Understand the fundamentals of the natural process of labour and how you can influence them for easier birthing.  
  • Experience mindfulness practices and how to integrate them into labour and life as a parent.
  • Hands on experiential practice to work with pain and comfort techniques – massage, relaxation, stretches, robosso, acupressure, voice, movement, breath etc
  • Practice open and active labour and birth positions, including pelvic mapping.  
  • Explore how to be present, caring and communicative with your partner and be sensitive to each others needs
  • Learn and practice an empowered and fun consent process.  A game to facilitate appropriate consensual touch and effective communication with everyone in your birth team.  
  • Coaching to integrate the learnings into every day life.

I just wanted to reiterate how much we enjoyed the session on Wednesday. There was so much useful info – I was amazed we were only there two hours. I think Adam got a lot out of it as well. Thanks again.


How this can benefit you:

  • Discover how you can be the solution to problems that may arise in pregnancy and labour.
  • Feel confident in the role of your pelvis and its support structures to create more space for your baby to pass through.
  • Have techniques to relax, release and align the pelvis for easier birthing.
  • Feel your mind and body connection through: hands on touch/massage, breathing techniques, body positions, voice, visualization and affirmation.
  • Feel the interconnectedness of yourself as a whole being and how opening up/letting go/relaxing in one area will affect another.
  • Communicate more effectively about what your body needs so that you can have the support you are looking for.
  • More presence, care and communication with your partner and increase sensitivity to each others needs
  • Improve your body posture and learn optimal foetal positioning

Even though we haven’t managed to do the internal massage every day, it has been quite amazing how quickly things have let go, become reasonably comfortable and stretchy! I can even see the physical effort John now needs to put into stretching in different directions due to my new found internal elasticity. We really feel like we’re making great progress here. John’s also become much better at finding that pelvic sit bone to grip onto and lift so that I can feel a real widening happening.

We’re also managing to incorporate various combinations of hypnosis, partner touch, massage and the lifts and jiggles demonstrated in our last session into every evening’s routine. These of course not only feels as though it’s keeping me physically comfortable and in shape with the growing weight I’m carrying around, but also gives us a sense of progress, productivity and partnership! It’s also a lovely way to finish off each and every day, bringing us closer together and helping relieve anxiety knowing how much preparation we’re actually doing.


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