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Alternative Therapies

Placenta Encapsulation – Use your encapsulated placenta to … Balance your hormones! Enhance your milk supply! Increase your energy! Capsules are a discreet and palatable way to maximise your placenta’s benefits.

Qi Rhythm – Pre and post natal massage – Qi Rhythm practitioners offer massage in the convenience and comfort of your own home as well as visits to women in hospital. We use a supportive pregnancy table enabling you to lay on your belly – a true luxury. Our practitioners draw on a wide range of skills, knowledge and experiences; including time spent in some of Melbourne’s leading maternity hospitals.

Blissful Herbs – Retailing nurturing herbal bath sachets & teas for perineal healing, breastfeeding, relaxation, nurturing and soothing.

Melbourne Natural Therapies – At Melbourne Combined Natural Therapies we strive to treat our clients with an exceptional level of health care. A large part of our mission is to educate you about ways in which you can help yourselves to achieve greater wellness and vitality.

Eastern Vitality Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine – ‘Fully qualified, midwife referred Chinese Medicine practitioners specialising in fertility, pregnancy and natural inductions. Eastern Vitality brings traditional Eastern health and healing methods into the busy Aussie lifestyle. We provide a modern approach to the age-old practice of Traditional Chinese Medicine which is an accessible, complication-free natural alternative form of therapy’

Nourishing Life – Chinese Medical Practitioner – Any or all aspects of classical Chinese Medicine techniques are employed to effect a positive outcome for your health.

Winton N. Terry Accupuncture – Natural Obstetrics & Gynaecology.

Bamboo spirit – Chinese Medical Practitioner for Womens Health – Karen Pohlner is a Melbourne-based Practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine (Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine) with a background as a Registered Nurse. She has a special interest in women‚s health, pregnancy and childbirth and a fierce desire to empower women to achieve optimal health and wellbeing using natural methods throughout their entire reproductive life.

Well by design chiropractic – Dr Damian Lawgun. Chiropractic care is essential to your Wellbeing, here at the Balwyn North clinic we offer general chiropractic care plus we are also specialist kids and pregnancy chiropractors, skilled in the Webster technique and experienced in dealing with family chiropractic care.

Happy well chiropractic kids – Dr Carrie O’Neil is a children’s only chiropractor, located in Heidelberg. She has a special interest in assisting parents resolve their baby’s birth trauma, as well as working with babies with colic, reflux, constipation, sleep difficulties, feeding difficulties, irritability, and flat heads. Dr Carrie takes a gentle and holistic approach to a baby’s health – offering spine and nervous system care, diet advice, and natural medicine options.

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