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Public versus private hospitals

16 June 2014
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models of care optionsPublic v’s private As a doula I get to see our birth culture at play in all sorts of different birth settings: public hospitals, private hospitals, birth centres in public hospitals, home births, and different models of midwifery or obstetric care within these settings. I get to see how the systems work and how people work / function within those systems. I also see the influences and effects the birthing woman and her partner experience in these different models of care. The difference is significant enough that I believe its important for women and their families to be aware of them so they can find out how to advocate for their birth plan and work collaboratively with their care provider.

The article attached shows the disparity within the private model of care and interventions and I recommend you read it. This is not about scaring you. Its about getting you to understand whats really happening so you can find out what you need to know for your individual health care and work out whether your birth plan actually match the choices you've made to support this to happen. When you do this earlier in your pregnancy you have the time and space to do something about it.

Here are some steps you can take or think about:

  • Refine your skills to be able to make informed decisions
  • Research the models of care options you have in your area
  • Ask them about the skills they have that can support your birth plan
  • Ask them for their statistics and their protocols
  • Check within yourself and ask if you feel like this model of care supports you as the authority figure in your maternity care and birthing experience
  • Talk with your care provider about what you want and don't stop talking until it feels right within yourself
  • Negotiate or not!

I'll write more on this another time..... there is so much more to say! : ) Erika