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Natural Breech Births - make it possible

breech presentationYesterday I went to Maggie Banks workshop on shoulder dystocia and breech births. I was engaged in it all, soaking up the knowledge from such a wise and experienced woman (as well as the shared wisdom of the other participants).

The workshop ran for a day and I feel far more able to help a woman make an informed choice about her options regarding this situation. 

She covered the current research on breech birth outcomes. She questioned the validity of the Term Breech Trial findings and explained another study called PREMODA as a point of comparison, concluding with what is possible and what is safe with breech births. I will add links to these studies on my website so you can compare it for yourself. 

She discussed how to set up and be in the the birthing environment so a carer can better support the woman's intuitive knowing of how to birth her baby. 

She shared many empowering breech birth stories and showed pictures and videos. For example, we saw how a mother moving from a kneeling position to standing helped her baby get past the pubic bone and woosh...out came the baby.

Understanding the mechanics and learning manoeuvres that help any stuck babys become unstuck was very helpful too. The hands on activities with the pelvis and doll helped the theory make more sense. 

First and foremost most it has reinforced that women deserve our trust and respect when birthing their baby's. Nature works best when we do not get in the way and each woman is different. We need to see each birth as unique and not a part of a baby making factory that needs management. Given time and space, love and care she can do it. With skilled hands guarding the birth journey and offering help when needed, birthing a breech baby is a safe option to consider. 

I am more motivated and equiped to support someone having to make decisions about birthing a breech. I was a breech, my son was a breech and I have supported a 1st time mother to birth her breech. 

Maggie has written a book called 'Breech Birth Woman Wise'. Its an informative and confidence boosting read for anyone facing birth with a breech. 


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