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1st time dad catches his baby girl

This first time birthing mother has the father of the baby catch his little girl with the assistance of a midwife.  


dad catches his own baby


Please be aware that the following pictures are graphic.  




This couple are fit and active people and came to me for birthing with hypnosis preparation. She ended up had a fast labour and was fully supported by the birth team at the Mercy hospital to be empowered to do it.

The labouring mother worked very well with the powerful force of her fast contractions, and with the position she chose to birth her baby, the father to be was able to assist in the delivery.

The midwife guided his hands, the mother did all the hard work, and soon the father got to catch his baby girl. It was an amazing moment and they give me permission to share these photos with you.


dads and natural birth  1st time dad catches his baby 



 dad catching this first baby  drug free birth with dads support  




dad catches his own baby    couple bonding at birth


cutting the cord