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Finding your inner superman

I went to a party on Saturday night.  The dancing was awesome and I let go.  I relaxed into my body and enjoyed the feelings of dancing freely.  At some point I noticed a fellow who was shuffling his feet and seemed a bit down.  I was curious and feeling bold, so I went over to him to see what was the matter.  To tell you the truth I cant really remember what his problem was now but I said I could make him feel better if he would let me try.  He agreed.  So I said, just for 2 minutes I want us to look each other in the eye whilst I stand as Wonder Woman and you as Superman.  He smiled.  He widened his stance.  I encouraged him to really push his chest out.  He placed his fisted hands on his hips and  look forward with confidence and strength.  I did the same as Wonder Woman and sure enough we met as super hero’s on the dance floor.  Before long he was really enjoying this new feeling and I was elated to see him happier.   Soon he was laughing and we both started feeling the music move us into more fun and freedom.  It was a great moment.  

For the rest of the night, all I had to do when I saw that man was smile and press my chest out, just a little, and that same confidence and strength surged back into his smile.  

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