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Falling in love again and again

At a birth a short while ago I had the privilege of witnessing a couple grow deeper in love with each other through their birth experience. At one stage, when she was feeling the contractions really intensely, she asked her partner to tell her about how they met and how he fell in love with her.  He did just that and she felt her body calm down.  She  felt more in the zone with her labour and she went on to birth her baby soon after that.  

I wasn't there in that exact moment of him sharing this, but what I saw was the way they gazed into each others eyes as they met their baby girl.  It was just mind blowing or should I say heart expanding!  I do try to remind couples that stopping for just a moment to gaze and acknowledge each other in the coming and goings of day to day life can make such a difference to feeling connected.  

I hope lots of couples can see birth as a moment in life where love can grow and help create strong foundations for parenting and partnering.  



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