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Not 'on call' and taking care of myself

I found myself facing a whole month of no clients due to birth. that doesn't happen very often in my world.  So I thought how can I nurture, recharge and redirect my focus during this time so I am ready and energized for my upcoming clients.

Well, I thought about jumping on a plane to a warm destination.  But the rest of Melbourne had already planned for that so flights were booked or expensive.  

Then I thought of creating my own little retreat somewhere local.  In the end I decided to get away from home and stay with friends over the course of my NLP master practitioner training weekends and feel my freedom.  That was fun and worth all the organizing!  

Unfortunately my body seemed to guess there was a window of opportunity to slow down and I ended up getting one cold after the other until I was bed ridden with the flu.  Just aweful.  So i've had to pay VERY close attention to what my body needed and I gave it soup and warm fires, lots of reading and watching movies.  My children had school holidays so they cooked dinner every night and did chores around the home each day to help the family keep on top of things.  In the end it was a testament to the fact that our children that we birth may very well be looking after us one day.  And I really appreciated theirs and my husbands love and support.

My strength is returning, my rest time is coming to an end soon and am eating my own words 'self awareness, self care'.... because I want to be an awesome Doula and I love life, so I need all of me ready to work, rest and play.    


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