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Support across the generations

I felt my heart warm when I witnessed the nurturing love between and mother and her daughter at a recent birth.  Although I was the primary support person for this single mother she had also invited her mother to be by her side.  It was beautiful to see how her quiet and calm way of being reflected a confidence she had in daughter. 

I know she was also quiet and calm because she was keeping some of her own worries under control.  It was after all a new experience for both of them to share and there can be an undercurrent of concern when we are dealing with the unknown.  But she did so well not to project any of that onto her daughter.  She gave good support and loved her through it. 

I could see that when they locked eyes there was so much more being communicated then I would ever know!  How special.

I dont often see support people from across the generations being present at birth. Mothers and children are often not considered helpful to have there by the birthing mother or expectant partner.  Sometimes that's because their mothers had traumatic/difficult births themselves and project fear and worry about it onto their daughter.  With children we seem to feel that they can be a distraction from the focus a labouring woman needs for her unborn child.   Both can be true and understandably so.  But I guess I feel it would be worth exploring this a little more if you are planning your birth support team.  How could you cultivate a deeper connection with your parent, a sister, an aunt, a friend etc  so that they could be a valuable part in your birthing experience?


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