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Happy and proud dad story

Carlton’s Birthing Story

Lily stopped me with a nervous and tearful smile and said she needed to talk to me. I knew immediately then what she was about to say, but couldn’t quite believe it. The first thing that went through my mind when she sat my down on the couch and said “I’m pregnant” was fear. “Am I ready? God I can’t even look after myself. Life as we know it will cease.” I think in real terms that thinking only lasted for 4-5 seconds, but it was powerful enough for me to remember it vividly. It was immediately overtaken by a tidal wave of pride and joy that crashed in over the top as we held each other and cried. natural birth with dad

The power of preparation and a great birth support team

Arlo’s Birth

I am very proud of myself for achieving the natural drug and intervention free birth that I wanted. My preparation and determination really did pay off. I didn’t do it alone though; my birth team played a significant role in helping me to achieve this. Would I do this again? Straight after birth I would have said ‘no’ or ‘yes, but book me in for a caesarean!’. But today my answer is ‘Yes. And next time I want to relax and enjoy it more, appreciate the wonderment of birth and savor those precious first moments with my baby’.  

mindfulness for natural birthing

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