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My first birth was a water birth in a hospital

The female body is an amazing thing. And our mind is an amazing instrument. With my body producing natural pain relief, I was able to manage the labour pain through vocalization and breathing. I was in the zone, like I was on drugs, natural drugs produced by my body. I had no inhibition. I just went with it and surrendered myself completely. I remember even having a little chuckle to myself of happiness when I had a break from my contraction. I believe surrendering myself to the natural process is what got me through labour. 


water birth in a hospital


A fast natural first birth - Testimonial

Amanda's first birth was quick and intense....

Thank you for helping me get the birth experience I wanted!!!  I really noticed the things you had not only taught me, but also Alec, and it helped so much!  I also feel like I recovered emotionally so much better because of your help.  It made the whole pregnancy and birth journey more something Alec and I did together, not just me.  It has been so wonderful for us as a couple and also as parents.  So huge a thank you from me! 

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